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Tourist resorts

  With acceleration of the reform and opening-up,great achievements have been made in development of our tourism, which are mainly reflected in Wulate Grassland Tour,Wuliang Suhai Bird-seeing Tour,Hetao Agro-ecological Tour,Wulashan Forest Tour,Yellow River Key Project Sightseeing Tour,Tour to Ancient Great Wall and Yinshan Cliff painti-ng,FrontierTour and transnational tour.
  Traveling according to above lines,you can appreciate the vastness of Wulan Buhe Desert,feel the movement of the mother river,feast your eyes on the scene of Wulate Grassland,taste of the villatic peace of Hetao,gasp in admiration the grandness of Yellow River Key Project ,enjoy the elegance of grassland golf,experience the solemnity and dignifiedness of Tibetan Buddhism and marver at the rusticity and vividness of Yinshan Cliff painting.
  The world-famous Sanshenggong Key Water-Control Project, like a huge dragon lurking on the Hetao Plain, is the king-sized headwater key project of artesian province that can be reckoned up on the fingers of one hand in the world as well as the largest irrigation project from the yellow River in Asia.
  Wulan Buhe Desert, meaning "red ox" in Mongolian, is one of the fop 8 deserts in China, with total area approximating 10000 square kilometers including 3370 square kilometers within Bayanur in the northeast. Onthis desert grow 128 kinds of bushes and other varieties of plants. In addition to vast sand sea, hit-and-miss looming and numerous oasis and lakes, you can enjoy the natural landscape formed by the yellow River and the desert in Bayannur.

  There are green grasses, strong cows and shee